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CENSWHORESHIP is a film by, about and partly with sex workers who want to make way for more narratives and a more complex, humane view of sex workers. With no room for more narratives, sex workers will remain stigmatized, misunderstood and ostracized from society.
As sex workers, we are used to entertain. We have used that power in Censwhore$hip and been wary of pointing sticks.

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One day in "Heaven" the whoregodess Horkatlana is visited by a TV production. She has been matched for the TV show "Married at first illusion". 
Meanwhile in Stockholm the non-conformist prostitution police Petrus starts having surrealistic dreams when asleep.  

In a kitchen-sink-realistic drama we also follow the sex worker Ester Nordström who tries to attach to her new boyfriend Fredrik, who believes sex work is a way of self harm - and that Ester just hasn't realized that yet. Ester has also gotten an additional job for an international research project who employ sex workers to do peer-interviews with other sex workers. It's a research about sex workers mental health. Thereby she gets in contact with the Romanian-Italian sex worker Chiara, who in a documentary format tells about her life and her experiences of being censwhored in Sweden. Censwhoreship is a film about four characters who are affected by censwhoreship in different ways. 

The film is based on interviews with sex workers in Sweden. Many of the creators of the film are sex workers - for example the author and director Ronja Berg.

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CENSWHORE$HIP has all the genres that sex work has: Surrealism, drama, comedy, horror, documentary and of course fantasy!


Ronja Berg is a filmmaker and sex worker in her twenties. She has mainly done escorting but also some phone sex work, professional domination and porn. 

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CENSWHORESHIP is an imaginative multigenre feature film with the aim of making room for more narratives about sex work. Today in Sweden, only one narrative is accepted and it is in line with what the Swedish Sex Purchase Act says: Buying sex is men's violence against women.

It excludes many dangers that sex workers experience (authorities, stigmatization, ostracism, police, the police' criminal means to evict, deport and stalk sex workers, etc.) and paints a picture of all clients as violent and as the only threat worth focusing on. Few have in mind that sex workers often strain to pick good clients, stand up for their work boundaries against clients and adopt security measures — even if that's made hard by laws making clients paranoid, requiring sex workers to put their safety from the police ahead of the sex worker's own safety.
How laws and the police' criminal means affect the safety and access to human rights of sex workers - that is censwhored by the constant focus on stories that are supposed to prove that clients can be violent - something sex workers are already frighteningly aware of.

The question, why someone decides to sell sex, goes from being about the person's needs to: Why does the person seek out "rapists"?
In contact with health care and authorities, sex workers are censwhored through that question and are rarely seen for their needs.

The fact that buying sex is seen as men's violence against women also censwhores sex working men and non-binary persons.
That sex workers are expected to feel bad about the meeting itself with the client, means that the sex workers who do not want to label the sex purchase itself as violence, but want to go into details about what affects the safety of sex workers, are censwhored as "happy whores". The narrative gives the impression that sex workers should expect to be poorly treated because violence is part of the job. If you as a sex worker want to set your own boundaries about what is violence and not, you are silenced as a "happy whore" or a "broken whore" who lives in denial of how sad you really are.

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If you would like to donate money to our film project you do it on the button below. You do NOT need to have a paypal account to donate. It works with VISA etc too.

Censwhore$hips fiction parts were shot in august 2021. Most of the budget was from Ronjas sex work, since we didn't get funding from Moving Sweden/swedish filminstitute. Now the film will be in post production, which also will cost money. We will apply for other support in post production too, but it's hard to get so we appreciate donations tremendously! You can also support the film by following Ronjas onlyfans. The money will go to:

  • Travel and accommodation to shoot “Chiaras” documentary part. 

  • Travels for post production meetings

  • Editing - Ronja will edit the film, but she also needs to be able to pay her rent

  • Grading  - a pro needs to do this

  • Soundmixing - Sound is very important in a film. A pro needs to do this

  • Editing of effects

  • Rent a music studio to record the films music hits, which will then be found on spotify

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Don't write anything in the "shipping" fields. This is a donation. Write the sum you want to donate and press the Paypal button. From there you can decide to use VISA or Paypal. If you would like to be thanked in the end credits you can write an email to me, ronja@censwhoreship.com and tell me the alias you want to use in the end credits. 


Thank you very much!

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