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If you would like to donate money to our film project you do it on the button below. You do NOT need to have a paypal account to donate. It works with VISA etc too.

We appreciate your donation tremendously! Censwhore$hip will be filmed no matter budget, however it would be nice to not have to do sex work to make a budget. We will also apply for support from other places. The money will go to:


  • Travel and accommodation to shoot “Chiaras” part. She lives in south of Europe.

  • Travels for pre production meetings with film team and actors.

  • Rental of film equipment and smaller purchases (hard drives etc) 

  • Travel and accommodation for actors and film team during shooting

  • Food during the shooting of the production

  • Salaries (if possible)

  • Good sound <-- High priority

  • Costume, scenography etc.

  • Editing, effects


Don't write anything in the "shipping" fields. This is a donation. Write the sum you want to donate and press the Paypal button. From there you can decide to use VISA or Paypal. If you would like to be thanked in the end credits you can write an email to me, and tell me the alias you want to use in the end credits. 


Thank you very much!

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