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Almost there... Oh yes, right there. Don't stop...

We are almost there... The film just needs a little more to finish. There's enough vibration and stimulation, but we need some more work on the sounds to make the sparkles. It's a year ago we shot the film. After the film I really had to prioritize how I focused my energy, because it was not much left in me and I had to focus it mainly on content creating for onlyfans, especially since onlyfans decided during the shooting of censwhoreship that they will ban porn, so I had lost many fans who didn't know onlyfans changed their mind again to allow porn. Luckily, many types of sex work doesn't require full time work which ment I had time to rest after the film was shot and when I finally started editing I got enough time for that too. But it has been a lot of work altogether. The low budget indi film industry is a sick industry where it is almost expected that you are prepared to burn out for your passion project (which I'm not ok with). I'm not sure I could have made this film (and financed it) with a full time work. Anyway I am almost done with the film now. There are some songs that needs to be mixed, some effects that needs some more love, some sounds that needs to be recorded and then the grading and sound editing (which I am working on the budget for). My goal is to have it finished this autumn/early winter. When I started making the film I wasn't sure how we would be able to make it, but it's a nice feeling now, knowing how.

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