Would you like to play a part in Censwhore$hip? We are looking for actors to play some minor and medium characters.

Write a presentation of yourself and an explaination of why this project interests you. Ask questions if you have any. Send pictures of yourself, showreel if you have one, list of previous film experiences.  
It is ok of you haven't done film before. We will make a screen test and take more factors than experience into account. 


It is very important that you have thought through being in a project that could be understood as controversial and that you have respect for sex workers since many of us in this project are sex workers.



Ronja works a lot with character development together with the actors. Both through discussions and through rehearsals - not of the scenes but more with focus on discovering the characters life.

Ronja likes to adjust the lines and the scenery so that it feel natural for the actor. It is very important that it feels real. She likes to create a shooting environment where the actors have space and time to make wrongs and experiment. 

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